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Bull Blaster Salt Spray

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Recommended Retail Price: £10.95-13.95

Style Hold: 3/5

Textured look: 4/5

Full Matte Finish

Our fearless Bull Blaster salt spray is an unstoppable texture force. Designed to be used alone or with one of our styling products, our matte finish signature salt spray will bring your hair back to life rescuing flat or fine hair making it look more full and with volume. Tame your Mane! 

Bull Blaster Salt Spray is a vegan-friendly product formulated with non-petroleum ingredients and with all of our products, we do not test on animals.

Designed and distributed in the UK. 

Clean, citrus scent

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Size: 275 ml, 9.29 fl

For a full formulation and ingredients list, please contact us.  

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