Nano Blue Nano-Vapour Sanitiser and 2.5L Solution

Nano Blue Nano-Vapour Sanitiser and 2.5L Solution

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🐃✖️ Time to Shine w Crazy Bull’s NANO BLUE ⚡️

⚡️ Our UV Nano-vaporiser and specialised surface cleaner destroys 99.99% of viruses 🦠, bacteria and fungus within seconds saving you time and money.

Vegan-friendly, non-toxic, bleach-free, unperfumed cleaner keeps surfaces sanitised for up to 3 hours after disinfecting.

With a built in sanitising full spectrum UV light system, our Nano Blue disinfects on contacts without having to wipe anything! Sanitise chairs, surfaces, barber capes within seconds!

Safe on wood, metal, leather, plastics and cloth materials and surfaces. Does not rust steel or discolour leather. Tested to English and EU electrical safety and cleaning product standards. Safety data sheets available on demand. 

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* Includes a free 2.5L bottle of our Nano Surface Sanitiser Solution and a poster. 

Carries a 12 month repair or replacement warranty. Terms and Conditions apply. Please see our terms and conditions page or contact us for more info.

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