MattMeUp Medium Hold Matte Paste 50ml

MattMeUp Medium Hold Matte Paste 50ml

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MattMeUp Texture Paste

Full matte, no-shine finish

Style Hold: 3/5

Texture: 4/5

Size: 50 ml

What it is: Crazy Bull's most popular matte texture paste, MattMeUp provides your hair a high textured matte finish with a pliable, reshapable style hold. Use it in a variety of hair types and styles, texture or comb, wet or dry application. 

MattMeUp is a water-based matte paste formulated with zero oil ingredients, lotions, or alcohol. The formulation is designed for easy-rinse yet is strong enough to hold your style all day long without flaking or drying out your scalp and skin. 

 Directions: Blow-drying hair prior to use can produce finer texture by applying medium heat and brushing hair. 

(optional) Pre style by spraying Bull Blaster Sea Salt Texture Spray into your hair, blow-dry on a medium setting, or air dry. 

Use a small coin amount of MattMeUp and rub it between hands until the product is barely visible on palms, work into the back and sides of hair first then moving into the front of the head. Reapply as necessary in small amounts. 
Texture using fingers or comb (wide tooth comb for sharp textures). 

Not tested on animals. Vegan Friendly. 
Designed and distributed in the UK. 
Sweet Melon Scented.  
Size: 50 ml, 1.69 fl

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